Wheel Alignment or Tracking is the name given to the horizontal and vertical angles at which the tyres are set on your vehicle. Each vehicle has its particular angle settings. Misaligned wheels will result in rapid irregular tyre wear decreasing the life of the tyre and also affect the handling and therefore safety of the vehicle.

Wheels can become misaligned for various reasons such as hitting kerbs, potholes and adjustment/replacement of any parts connected with steering.

We use the John Bean Visualiner as it is a system approved by car manufacturers.

The system uses a regularly updated database to access the alignment data for particular vehicles. Also, the system is self-calibrating. The adjustment and adjustment results are printed and stored by the system. These are displayed in Green ink for within tolerance and Red ink for beyond allowable tolerance.

It is always a good idea to check the alignment when fitting new tyres especially if the old ones are worn one side unevenly.